Written by Tina Hudnik.

We would like to introduce you to a new and innovative discovery of Ljubljana, our beautiful capital. A team of local guides has been doing tours through our city for many years, always feeling that because it was repeatedly nothing but walking and explaining, the experience was just not fulfilling enough . We wanted to try something new, something that would give our guests a true experience. That is why we developed a brand new tour, one through which you can not only see the city and learn about its stories, but also walk through our country’s different specialities and get to experience it with your taste buds.

Žlikrofi. Source: Tina Hudnik

On our Ljubljana food tour we focus on local delicacies taking care of your curiosity and your stomach. The tours start at Prešeren square and lasts for three hours. We start with a walk around  the market and continue through the town center with different stops along the way.

During the tour you will taste different samples from different parts of Slovenia. There are 24 different culinary regions in Slovenia and each region has something to offer. We base our tour on the fact that all of the food is typical for Slovenia, while still trying to be as diverse as our country is; after all tasting is experiencing. We also reveal why a part of the country offers the typical dishes that you sample. Even though the portions we taste are small, most people are full by the tour's end.

Source: Tina Hudnik

We know that you do not have the time to go to all the restaurants and see and try all their menus; this is why a food tour is perfect for the beginning of your stay. You get to try the food in 5 or 6 traditional restaurants and if you like it, you can choose one of those restaurants for your dinner or your lunch the next day.

Source: Tina Hudnik

The tour also includes the tasting of different drinks. What is a typical drink for a Slovene? This is just one of the questions that will be answered on this tour. We do a tasting of different aperitifs, digestifs and home made beer, as well as a sampling of different wines.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

The tour finishes in a similar manner to how Slovenes finish their meals – with a typical dessert and a cup of tea or coffee.

On the tour. Source: Tina Hudnik

Try the delicacies, spoil your taste buds, chat with a local, learn the stories behind different foods, and learn about the city. This can be one of the best tours in Ljubljana and if you don’t want to take our word for it, you can consult our guests’ opinions at Tripadvisor – Ljubljana food tour.


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