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Slovenia Incognita came about because we had seen one too many visitor come to Slovenia with little or no expectations and not give themselves enough time to fully explore the country’s many wonders. There is so much undiscovered beauty in this country and we would like to show you and share with you the feelings of those who have seen it. We want to answer your questions about the tricky parts of travelling here, making it easier for you to explore Slovenia or even just gather some courage to come over. We describe places and events we think you should see, share experience and photos to spark your interest, write about known and lesser known facts, all with the aim to promote Slovenia as a place that definitely deserves to be on your bucket list. This blog is for travellers, tourists, foodies, nature lovers, history buffs, adrenaline junkies or people who just like to look at pretty pictures. We invite you to contact us with questions, experience, contribution or any kind of feedback that could help us make this blog as useful to you as possible. We want this to be a group effort with a lot of personal input from us as well as you, our reader.  

Hello, my name is IVANA


I am a passionate promoter of Slovenia, and among other things, a tour guide at Slovenia Explorer. I like to tackle new things, such as editing this blog.

  •         I have an unquenchable thirst for all sorts of trivia.
  •         History and stories are something that I love to learn about and share.
  •         I have an unexpected slightly-Aussie accent when I speak English.
  •         I love Marvel comics and graphic novels – my favourite hero is Wolverine.
  •         I like to spoil my taste buds with exquisite flavours of gourmet as well as fast food cuisine, as long as it is prepared with passion.
  •         One of my life goals is to move around the globe in order to have perpetual summer.
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Hello, my name is GREGOR

editor of photography & chief contributor  

After studying in four different countries, living in London and Guatemala, and actively traveling the world for another ten years or so, I came to realise that Slovenia is greatly underrated.


  •         I have more books than I can accommodate. And I read almost half of them.
  •         I have published two travel books and numerous articles.
  •         At some point my photo equipment was worth six times as much as my car. They weighed about the same, or at least it felt like it.
  •         I love comics and graphic novels – my favourite hero is Catwoman.
  •         There are more than 300 castles in Slovenia, and my ancestors owned two of them. I can find most of the rest of them.
  •         I have drunk beer in more than 50 countries (well, I really should count them at some point, but I know I didn't have any in Iran or Libya).
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Hello, my name is SANDRA

language & style consultant, blogger 

I was once a foreigner in Slovenia, and was able to discover the country’s many beauties, often with the help of Slovenia Explorer. Helping with this blog is my way of saying thanks.

  •      I’m half Slovene, but my other half loves Slovenia as well.
  •      I am fluent in more than four languages and I’m not afraid to flaunt it.
  •      I read a lot, and often more than one book at a time.
  •      I too love comic books and graphic novels - my favourite hero is John Constantine.
  •      I’m normally a well adapted, sociable adult, but with enough free time and nothing better to do I will spend unhealthy amounts of time playing video games.
  •       My sense of orientation is terrible; I once got lost after getting directions to “just walk in a straight line.”


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Hello, my name is TINE


I am an avid traveller with a split personality. I consider myself a fairly quiet and introvert person and yet I somehow really enjoy working with people. Go figure. 

  •     I love the outdoors. I'll take a scenic walk over a church or a museum anytime.
  •     I once had the aspiration of becoming a professional basketball player, but something went terribly wrong. I hear it builds character.
  •     I like being well-organised, but I tend to overthink and stress about everything. Luckily, I am also pretty good at covering it up.
  •     I listen to rock music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, I am afraid of smartphones and I think reading an e-book is "just not the same".
  •   My biggest vice is procrastination. I can be incredibly unproductive in my spare time and I hate myself for it.
  •   I don't like writing about myself. It makes me feel I have nothing to say and it stresses me out. Beer, on the other hand, calms me down. Cheers!


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