Why Slovenia should be your first European trip after the Corona lockdown

As the exact date of a safe old school travel in post pandemic era remains somewhat of a mystery, we on the other hand remain massively positive about finally welcoming travellers from all over the world in our small chicken-shaped country. Understandably, not much tourism is going on at this point, but we sure do miss the bustling vibe in our offices and the day-to-day communication with our clients terribly. A bit more than half a size of Netherlands and with almost ten times lesser population, we feel quite lonely without our foreign guests. One also misses their amazement over nature’s greatness and the pride such astonishment makes you feel. Travel will undoubtedly go through massive changes in the future, however 2021 does not feel much different than 2020 for now and it is never fun when you stay so “last season” by no fault of your own. But we are ready and set and just waiting for someone to shout GO! Since we are ready, you should probably also take your mark. Maybe you do not have to pack your bags just yet, but if you are still undecided about the first destination you’ll visit, once the borders open and we get back to business as usual, we would be delighted if you decide to spend some time with us. With the size of just 1/12 of Great Britain, Slovenia is the perfect size to treat yourself with a trip not to tiring after the travel abstention. It’s a place where you don’t have to drive for hours to change the scenery or to spend some time at the most visited tourist locations. But not only that, Slovenia truly is a place for everyone as it ticks all the boxes for all types of travellers. Bring your family for the fun adventures, bring only your partner for some pampering and romance or just come alone. History lover? No problem, everyone seemed to have wanted us in the past- the Romans, Napoleon, Habsburgs, Yugoslavia. Also the last members of the French royal family of the Bourbons decided Slovenia is beautiful enough for their family tomb. And their remains still lie here. Breathtaking stories from WWI and WWII have touched internationally acclaimed authors to write about us (such as Hemingway). Due to the natural wonders, movie crews from Europe, Hollywood, Bollywood and South Korea wanted Slovenian scenery in their movies also. So, if you consider yourself a nature lover more than anything else, we should be high on your bucket list. Slovenia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Rich with water resources and forests, it is small enough to spend the morning hiking in Julian Alps and admire the sweeping views from one of their peaks and then nurture yourself in the afternoon with a calming swim in refreshing water of world-famous Bled lake. You can visit the majestic Postojna Cave in the morning and admire charming towns on the coast of Adriatic in the afternoon. Or maybe option three, you can spend your morning on a bear watching expedition and later relax amid gently rolling hills, while sitting on a terrace of a local winery with a glass of a world class wine in your hand overlooking the vineyards. And of course, with the diversity here so intense, you could easily extend those mentioned parts of the days in full days and days into weeks. Are you more of an active holiday kind of person? Well, just tell us what you are longing for! We offer beautiful mountains with rivers, valleys and peaks, seaside with winds and beaches and underground world for the most adventurous! So, hiking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning? Paragliding, cycling, horseback riding, stand- up- paddling, open water swimming? Caving? Or maybe pampering is what you need after this crazy time? We have great spas, glamping sites and are a region brimming with gourmet products. Every part of Slovenia prides itself with seductive delicacies and attracts people in search of gastronomical delights. Since some of our restaurants received well deserved Michelin stars last year and the Gault & Millau guide for Slovenia was published in 2018, visit us, just to get those amazing chefs cooking in old tempo. It is no secret that Slovenia is a foodie heaven, known also for its sustainable culinary. We are also the European Region of Gastronomy for 2021. Do you love to visit places with world records? In that case we are perfect too. We are the land with the oldest grapevine, oldest wooden wheel, the oldest musical instrument in the world, worlds largest cave castle... Also, home of Europe’s tallest chimney, oldest show cave and most visited cave in Europe. And that are just few things to mention. We have so much to show you and so much to share with you. And while trying to stay creative and in contact with new trends, we seek comfort in reading news about some international attention and acknowledgment our dear country is receiving in the international media as a tourist destination. It is there we still amaze people globally. Like for example two articles in Forbes, presenting Slovenia as one of the 20 Best Places to travel in 2021 and one of the 8 Bucket-List Vacations For Wine Lovers. Or the promotional video published by Slovenian Tourist Board, named Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream, which was ranked first at the ETC-CIFFT Video Competition 2020. Now that you know why we really think you should pay us a visit, you can continue to our website and pick out the perfect trip for you. And to that wide selection of day and multiday tours, we can add a promise, we’ll make absolutely everything possible for you to feel safe. Because it is in our nature and because we really do long to see you!

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